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Freediving is about inner power, discipline and control. If you've always wanted to visit the underwater world quietly and on your own and stay as long as your breath allows, then freediving is for you. The PADI Freediver course is the first step in discovering why freediving is becoming an increasingly popular way to explore the world below the water surface.

To enroll in a PADI Freediver course you must be at least 15 years old  be years old. You must be able to swim adequately and be in good health. No prior snorkeling, snorkel diving or freediving experience is required.

Are you younger than 15  Years? If you are at least 12  years old, you can take the PADI Basic Freediver course if you are at least 8 years old  years old, you can take the PADI Skin Diver course (snorkel diving).


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