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Would you like to be perfectly prepared for your IDC? You don't want to experience any surprises and would like to close "perceived" or actual knowledge gaps before the start of the IDC  and go through all the relevant topics again? Then the IDC Prep course is just right for you! Because in the IDC Prep course we deal with refreshing your knowledge of diving theory and look at the current PADI standards and innovations. In the second part we go to the pool, where we work through all the important PADI skills and work through any existing questions or memory gaps.

IDC Prep: The perfect preparation for your PADI IDC

The IDC-Prep course is open to anyone who is planning to take part in an IDC – including candidates from other course directors, of course. Training level PADI Divemaster or equivalent, complete own equipment is desirable.

GoPRO IDC Preparation (IDC Prep Course)

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